Article 1 (Purpose)

This term of service (the “Terms of Service”) is to set out the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other basic matters between CLASSUM (the "Company") and its "Members" in using the Services (as defined in Article 2) that the Company provides to its Members, including conditions and procedures for using the Service.

Article 2 (Definitions)

The following terms used in the Terms of Service have the meaning set forth below. Other terms are defined in the respective Service guides:

  1. "Service" means the learning platform and related SDeervices that can be used by the Members regardless of the types of devices used (including wired and wireless devices such as PC, TV, portable devices, etc.).
  2. "Members" mean persons who use the Service that the Company provides upon consenting to the Terms of Service and entering into a service agreement with the Company, and Members are classified as follows.
    1. Institution Owner: A Member who has the authority to establish a Space belonging to an institution, the authority to establish and manage individual Spaces belonging to an institution, and the authority to set the levels of privilege for Members within the institution's Spaces with the consent of Members or by using separate electronic information, such as Institution Code, etc.
    2. Institution Admin: A Member who has managerial authority within an institution, as designated by the Institution Owner.
    3. Space Owner: A Member who has the authority to establish a Space in person and manage the Space by formulating categories for the Space, inviting and managing its members.
    4. Space Admin: A Member who has the authority to manage specific Spaces as designated by the Space Owner
    5. Space Participant: A Member who has been granted the right to participate in the Space established by the Space Owner and the Space Admin (collectively, the “Space Owner, etc.”) and who uses the Service under the management of the Space Admin, etc.
  3. “ID” means an email address, or a combination of unique characters and numbers approved by the Company at the request of a Member, which is used to identify Members and to use the Service.
  4. “Password” means a combination of characters or numbers, etc. set by the Members and approved by the Company for the identification of Members and use of the Service.
  5. “Point” means virtual data with no property value that are used on the Service and that can be set, paid, and adjusted by the Company at its discretion for the efficient use of the Service.
  6. “Space” means an individual Space established by a Member within the Service using the Service of the Company.
  7. “Posts” mean various forms of information, messages, photos, videos, files, and links, etc., composed of signs, characters, voices, sounds, images, and motion pictures that Members post on bulletin boards while using the Service that can also be viewed by third parties other than the Members of the Service.
  8. “Assignment” means quizzes, tests, etc. submitted individually by Space Participants to Space Owner, etc.
  9. “AI TA” means an AI application service that assists Members with using the Service by finding similar Posts amongst the Posts uploaded by Members etc.
  10. “Learning Data” means a set of processed data used in AI learning models, which is to be utilized in the development of AI application services.
  11. “Institutional Space Establishment Code” means electronic information provided by the Company to the Institution Owner or the Institution Admin(collectively, the “Institution Owner, etc.”) that is used to identify Spaces established within the Service by the Institution Owner, etc.
  12. “Institution Page” means a system Service provided by the Company to the Institution Owner, etc. that is used by the Institution Owner, etc. to set the levels of privilege, etc. for the Space Owner, etc., Space Participants, and Spaces established within the Service by the Institution Owner, etc.
  13. “Space Admission Code/Link” means electronic information used to enter and participate in a specific Space.
  14. “Space Deactivation” means deactivation of lectures within the Service by the Institution Owner, etc. or the Space Owner, etc., which restricts Members from entering Spaces within the Service or writing Posts.